Saturday, February 28, 2009

So I'm doing a little better..

It's February 28th, just ten days after my last post, which is close to 7 days, which was my goal (to post every week) So, I'm SLOWLY getting there ;) ha.

Just got back from WonderCon with my best buddy Aaron, and hung out with Chris and Erin (my dear friends from San Diego) and also got to visit with our other buddy Dan Cooney (who you should check out via the link to the right).

Pics coming soon since I only shot film today with my new/replacement camera! woo hoooo (To replace the one I lost/had stolen back in December).. 

Here are a few shots from the one roll of film I took in the two months I was without my precious 35mm camera.. I used my old, crappy Vivitar camera from junior high.. Fun, yet chinsy ;) And I somehow messed up the flash on about 10 shots I took of Giant Squid that actually came out awesome, but had a weird line running down the side.. Usually, when I've had this problem, it has been the shutter, but since the rest were fine, I am assuming it was poor flash usage, or maybe my flash is messed up.. Sean??? Help?? haha

Shot with Fuji Provia 400, cross-processed: 

Did I mention all my friends are under age 3?? Well, almost all :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aw Man!

Well, I failed miserably at posting once a week.. Almost three weeks later here is a new post.. Ha, oh well. I still don't have internet at home, so it's difficult to have the time to post.. So here goes.. 

February 6 and 7, my dear friends "Giant Squid" (See previous post) played two shows, one at Thee Parkside in San Francisco and the other at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento.. 

Here are some shots from Thee Parkside show.. Maybe I should change this blog page's name to "All Things Giant Squid" hee hee

As always, see more here:

And, OH.. I also got to see my Hattie that weekend.. How cute is this face???

That's all for now. I still have a couple of rolls of film to process, so look out for some new 35mm and Holga stuff soon. Lauren