Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few here and there

So it was Bay to Breakers on Sunday and I took a good deal of photos.. I have some developed already, but still have two rolls of film left to process so I am going to post a few random shots from here and there and wait to post the B2B photos until I have them all.. 

I love this one of Aaron AKA shark stealer
Super Sweet lil ladies
Baker Beach
I LOVE this one.. simple fun, like it should be when you're a kid
Just a view from the top of my street, I thought the fog would show, but it sort of just looks bad, oh well! 
And be sure to check the blog below, as I have updated it with a few more shots at the end. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a Holga Party

On Saturday, Shannon, Laura, Joe (friends, yep I have a couple, haha) and I went on a photoshoot for a project that Shannon is doing for her final in her Photography class. I tagged along for fun/help/moral support :) 
In between her project shots, I snapped a few candids and posed "candids" and thought they looked pretty cute...  I took a few more with a new roll of film, but didn't finish out the roll, so expect to see a few more in the next blog (or an update to this blog).
I hope Shannon was happy with her final works and I can't wait to see them. Until then, here are those shots as well as a couple from the week before.

The last one is Shannon, Laura and I driving to Berkeley.. I just liked the way the bridge looked. Until next time....

UPDATE: The rest of the pics from that day.. I used a different film, and don't like it at all.. Oh well