Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wonder-Con 2009

So, it was that time again!  My friend Chris Mowry (Transformers Comic Book writer extraordinaire) hooked it up as usual with all-weekend long passes for myself and Aaron. So much geeky fun to be had!! And it was.. Although it was a very rainy weekend, we managed and had lots of fun.. 

I got a super cute book for Miss Hattie for her birthday (not til June) And I got myself a really cool book called Looking Glass Wars which is supposed to be a sort of "pre-Wonderland" Alice story.. Chris also gave me an awesome "Spike" hardback comic book! So sweet (see pics)

So here are some goofy candids with my mini-digi-cam:

And here are some fun black and white 35mm shots of the festivities of the whole Wonder-Con weekend. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mars Bar, Tommy's Joynt and other San Francisco stuff

Not much to report, other than I have posted three posts in a few days time so I'm proud of that! Yay! Here are a few shots from my new/replacement 35mm Canon.. It was not so fun having to re-purchase something I already had but, sadly, lost.. But it sure feels good to have the replacement.
(Photos shot with Ilford HP5) This film has been my staple since high school, but I'm starting not to dig it as much as I used to.... Might be time for a change..
Wonder-Con Blog coming in the near future...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Holga Woes

So tonight I picked up a couple of rolls of film that I had processed and scanned.. And I realized..I am crooked.. Crooked as in off-centered, not crooked as in twisted/manipulative.. ha.. Maybe it was my foot surgery gone wrong, or maybe it's the squareness that is medium format.. But I never used to have this problem and now I do.. 
So it makes me think, I'm just crooked.. Or my depth perception is going.. I have been having trouble parallel parking lately.. Aw Man! I think I'm just old.. Well, here they go anyways:

Aaaand enter the crookedness that is me:
   Yup, I'm all wonky
           Oh wait, I'm normal again